The team working at the FIERCE facility


Prof. Dr. Horst Marschall FIERCE co-director >more
Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Müller FIERCE co-director >more
Dr. Axel Gerdes lab manager >more
Dr. Tobias Erhardt lab manager  
Linda Marko lab technician >contact
Dr. Alexander Schmidt lab technician >contact
Dr. Avishai Abbo post doc >contact
Dr. Richard Albert post doc >contact
Dr. Sonja Aulbach research associate >more
Dr. Jeremy McCormack post doc >more
Dr. Tobias Grützner-Handke post doc >more
Dr. Angela Helbling research associate >contact
PD Dr. Dominik Hezel research associate >more
Dr. Leo Millonig post doc >contact
Dr. Johannes Pohlner post doc >contact
PD Dr. Jacek Raddatz research associate >more
Dr. Hans-Michael Seitz research associate >more
Iris Arndt doctoral student >more
Douglas Coenen doctoral student >contact
Max Fursman doctoral student >contact
Sandra Huber doctoral student >contact
Waqas Javaid doctoral student >contact
Jorit Kniest doctoral student >contact
Romi Nambiar doctoral student >contact
Atta Ur Rehman doctoral student  
Jie Xu doctoral student >contact
Vanessa Schlidt doctoral student   
Sören Eitel student personnel