FIERCE Isotope Short Course 2023, 8 – 11 March


Goethe-Universität Frankfurt

8 – 11 March 2023. The course will be held at the Geozentrum in Frankfurt am Main with talks and discussion between 10:00h and 18:00h CET. Please note: the short course will start one day later as previously announced.

FIERCE in cooperation with SPP-1833 Building a Habitable Earth runs a short course on the analysis of stable and radiogenic isotopes (e.g., Li, B, Sr, Mo, Nd, Hf, W, U-Pb, U-Th) as well as trace elements in rocks and minerals by laser ablation and solution-based ICP-MS and SIMS. Presentations comprise technical aspects of instrumentation, methods, and a wide range of applications with an emphasis on geochronology, processes on the early Earth and in the solar system, composition and evolution of oceans and the continental crust.

Requirements: The course is designed for PhD students/post-docs with existing basic knowledge on isotope geology and is given as individual lectures by experts in the field. Interested MSc students are, however, also welcome.

Speakers: Robert Anczkiewicz, Sonja Aulbach, Jan Fietzke, Axel Gerdes, Marcel Guillong, Dominik Hezel, Horst Marschall, Wolfgang Müller, Carsten Münker, Hans-Michael Seitz, and Frank Wombacher.

The programme for this years' short course is now available. The programme is preliminary, as it is mostly, however not yet completely, finished. We will post an update to the programme once all talks are confirmed.

Costs: The course fee will be 85 € for students and academics and 350 € for non-academic and industrial attendees. This includes a dinner function on Thursday and coffee during course breaks.

Registration: Online registration is open now until 10. February 2022 or until maximum capacity is reached.

Course venue: Goethe-Universität Frankfurt, Campus Riedberg, Institut für Geowissenschaften, Altenhöferallee 1, 60438 Frankfurt am Main

Accomodation: we have reserved a limited number of hotel rooms at the Relaxa Hotel, walking distance from the short course venue. Please see

Rooms are available from Tue, 7.03.23, latest departure is Sun, 11.03.23. Our special rate is 99 € per night Tue to Thu and 79 € per night for Fri and Sat night, including breakfast. Double rooms are available too, for an additional 30 € per night.

If you are interested boooking a rooms, please send an email to with the dates of your arrival and departure (date of the morning checking out), as well as a contact telephone number for the hotel. Bookings are binding.