FIERCE Isotope Short Course

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Next Short Course spring 2025

Every two years FIERCE runs a short course on the analysis of stable and radiogenic isotopes (e.g., Li, B, Sr, Mo, Nd, Hf, W, U-Pb, U-Th) as well as trace elements in rocks and minerals by laser ablation and solution-based ICP-MS and SIMS.

The short course is aimed at PhD students/post-docs with existing basic knowledge on isotope geology. Interested MSc students are, however, also welcome.

The course consists of individual lectures by experts in the field comprise technical aspects of instrumentation, methods, and a wide range of applications with an emphasis on geochronology, processes on the early Earth and in the solar system, composition and evolution of oceans and the continental crust.

The short course takes place as an in-person meeting in Frankfurt at the Riedberg Campus over the course of four days and includes a poster session (with beverages) and a dinner function. The next FIERCE Isotope short course is planned for March 2025. Information will be availabe from autumn of 2024.